#DagChats 02 – Decentralized Keiretsu

#DagChats 02 – Decentralized Keiretsu

This is the first episode. Built by the Constellation Network community for everyone in the entire ecosystem.

DAGChats + dagchads.com + DAGstronauts

This will be the triangle, built by the community, for the community.

An outreach to invite other members throughout the ecosystem to help #HGTP shine it’s brightest.

Together we can become a team to boost each other to newer heights, using our collective strength to lift this entire ecosystem. To help provide the world with the latest news about the many different projects building on the Hypergraph.

This chatroom is a place where we want to listen to everyone who has ideas on ways we can better the community. (https://t.me/DagChats)

We want to listen to your ideas about ways we can potentially utilize the #DAGChats Twitter Spaces.

Show your interest to become involved with adding content to the dagchads.com website.

Become a DAGstronaut to utilize your skills whether it’s graphics, audio, video, social media outreach, article writing, influencer, so on and so fourth.

If you want to give it a shot and become involved… Please fill out this Dagstronauts Entry Form: