Mr. Diggles excerpt from ASU talk – DoD NFTs and blockchain security at Space ISAC

So, I’m very passionate about it. So, I sold the DoD two years ago on our first phase one contract, which is really just getting on their radar. In the last two years, I’ve been hustling guts beyond belief to get buy-in from as many different stakeholders at the Department of Defense, and not just supply chain management- god bless it – but that entry point wasn’t what we were going after.

We wanted to go after the biggest problems possible. Who’s the biggest data creator in the world? This is TransCom group. And we went after a multi-domain effort, which means all right, how do we stitch together all these siloed agencies, so that they’re securely communicating data effectively – as well as in an automated way. And so, when we’re talking so far about the flight program and the application layer, this is really the infrastructure layer, this is where most of the folks here are like, all right proof of work, or proof of stake, or proof of authority, you know what’s the best consensus algorithm? And I’ve always laughed that it’s like two people holding up two sticks, and be like, which one’s better to build with? It’s like well, what are you building? I don’t know but this one’s stronger.

So, we went after the DoD for validation. Again, I don’t want to be a services company, and this is me being completely candid, I don’t want to sell them software. We don’t want to be a SaaS offering, we want to be core infrastructure that’s a standard for how they securely communicate data. So, I brought in system integrators, or solution integrators, some of the biggest in the world, that are foaming at the mouth to work with us, because we have a capability, that they can put on their tool belt, that they’re already in these systems with the clearance and touching them that’s like, “Wow, we now have this magic wand to do some things that we didn’t even know was possible”. So, we’re using it as a strategy to really validate the flex of our capability and our technology, but in my opinion the really fun stuff is at the application layer, and I’m slowly trying to get them there where it’s like, all right we have security right, once your data’s secure and we’re in what as you guys know, zero trust or trustless networks, and people don’t really think beyond that because it’s not something that we deal with today, so why would you think about things that don’t make sense, if you don’t have that core capability. But, once you have that capability that’s when smart contracting and micro services sit on top of it, and then once you get that in place, that’s where fractionalized cryptocurrency handling takes place. And so, I’ve been pitching these DoD folks on how to use NFTs for edge procurement and business perspectives, and they’re like, we are so excited about this, and surprisingly enough they actually get it.

And, the reason why we went after mobility as well as space, Space ISAC is a great organization, I would say we’re the face of blockchain security for that organization, I run their working group, and that’s the net new infrastructure – is space. You know, we don’t think about, a lot of people l-o-l about space and satellites and all that, but when you got Elon Musk privately blasting a bunch of satellites up there, what happens if somebody takes control of those satellites and next thing you know, you’re spoofing GPS, you’re wiping out food trust, you’re causing traffic accidents – all these hacks that we haven’t really considered, because it hasn’t happened yet. And, we’re not in the business of selling fear, but we certainly are in the business of getting ahead of that, and if you think about a bunch of nodes, if you will – of satellites – it’s the perfect place to flex distributed ledger technology. So, to us it was a strategic way to get into these industries to validate our technology, with the likes of the DoD, and Lockheed Martin, and Booz Allen Hamilton, GM, Ford, and these folks, and I feel like this year has been a huge success for us, it’s been a big one.

This excerpt is from Constellation’s talk at Arizona State University

Author: Vegeta