Origins of HGTP

“Wyatt: …I’m really into making things that actually work. So, the main focus actually for the rest of my career after that first gig, doing a lot of algorithms development, was just tuning up large scale data processing jobs and building distributed systems for various different use cases. So, that’s really how #HGTP came up was, I’ll be real with you, is like my last gig before this whole thing started. We had this really hacky way of trying to create like encrypted or basically to encrypt and decrypt data in a somewhat secure way using centralized certificate authorities, and so, we really, if you have some kind of one central component inside a distributed system and all of the nodes in that system have to wait for this thing to do its stuff for their job, you’re basically making everything operate in serial or just like step by step, which kind of defeats the whole purpose.

So, I was looking at this whole thing and I was just like, this is a clusterfuck, and I was like, the same shit’s happening though with Ethereum, because you know I tried to create something somewhere, the first incarnation was actually similar to something like RChain created, but when I actually started doing some more research, I realized, hey we don’t necessarily need to think about these things in terms of smart contracts, we can think about them in terms of protocols themselves, and just using some stuff I’d been reading about around recursion schemes and verifiability for programming languages it was like, oh there’s this huge thing around hylomorphisms and the ability to create verifiable programs for a distributed system. So yeah, so that’s great.

Mr. Digital: So, it kind of came out of like maybe a frustration or a necessity, almost where you were trying to do one thing and you were like, this is just a disaster, I can’t, I can’t do it with this – like it doesn’t work.

Wyatt: If you’ve been writing code long enough, I mean everything is a disaster. Yeah, I think it’s that. That’s, that’s pretty much it, and also just – I also had some you know, dreamy uh, dreamer visions of what decentralization could do. You know, I’m definitely kind of an anarchist, but more on the tie dye side of things, and so I kind of had this world peace vision of what Ethereum could do, and once I really got down to it, I was like, all right I think I know how we can actually, you know, enable individuals to take control of their personal sovereignty through technology – that’s really where this is all going.

Mr. Digital: That’s no short order right there – and it’s definitely something that’s needed”

Excerpt from Mr. Digital’s interview with Wyatt

Author: Vegeta