Hypergraph Hour 31

On this episode, we walk through an updated roadmap of Mainnet 2.0. Alkimi Exchange also gives an incredible update into the progress of building their state channel.

Important details / links below: Mainnet 2.0 will be rolled out in 3 phases

Phase 1: L_0 Token Development: All flagship state channels will first be built on testnet and deployed on Mainnet together. L_0 Token Building will commence NEXT WEEK for the following: -US Government -Incubated Projects -Accelerated Projects -Acquired Company -Lattice Cross-Chain

There Are Multiple Opportunities for $DAG Holders during this phase!

– “Soft Nodes” – For those who have accumulated $250K $DAG Stake $DAG and earn either $DAG or $LTX as a reward
– Lattice Exchange Staking Programs beginning with $ADS in late November. Stake $ADS for $ADS. You do not have to pick just one! ***Sign up to run a node on Testnet now: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FA…

Phase 2: Deploy to Testnet (Q1 2022) – L_0 Tokens get pushed -Onboard hundreds of new Node Operators -3rd Security Party Audit -Stress Testing

Phase 3: Mainnet 2.0 Push to Production (Q2 2022) -Deploy all L_0 Tokens with instant network utility -US Government -L_0 Incubated Projects -Flight Program (Accelerated Projects) -Acquired Company -Lattice Cross-Chain -Newly Selected Node Operators -Add hundreds of new node operators

***Sign up to run a node on Testnet now: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FA…

Lattice LaunchPad Listing Competition Starts NOW through October 5
@DoubleDice_com || $DODI
@Niftify_io || $NIFTY ||
@WorldToken_ || $WGOV

Governance Vote will decide the next project listed. The company with the most social engagement will also get 100k LTX staked in the governance vote.

Vote here: https://vote.lattice.exchange/#/propo…

Watch the Cross Chain Swaps Demo https://youtu.be/XpedmSZcUP0 ——-

Join our Telegram and stay in the loop: https://t.me/constellationcommunity


Author: Vegeta