THE $DAG TOKEN by Poor Richard

Benjamin J. Jorgensen, CEO of Constellation Network, Inc.

Courteous Reader,

The investment in $DAG has offered me some considerable Profits, and have thus believe that the Buyer of $DAG may consider himself, not only as purchasing a Sound Investment (Generational Wealth), but as performing an Act of Trust, in his poor Friend and Servant.

I’ve always kept the notion that the cryptocurrency space is an absolute sewage, akin to a gambling house or brothel, with lots of regrettable behavior. Then I found out about a Technology Company out of Northern California that had been ushering in the Mass Exodus from HTTP to HGTP (basically rewriting the internet) through a tokenized ecosystem (a smart-grid network for tokenized data).

I believe that the right way is to acquire Worldly Wisdom, stick to your Principles and when Opportunities come along, pounced on them with Vigor. A few major opportunities, clearly recognizable as such, will usually come to one who continuously searches and waits, with a curious mind. Just look at Constellation Network ($DAG), an open source platform you can to create a Blockchain, Cryptocurrency or Decentralized Application. $DAG is the financial State Channel of the Constellation Network. It allows for Seamless Exchange and Interaction between the various State Channels and Nodes that make up the Network. $DAG binds the network components together so that they relate to one another. The $DAG token represents data throughput on the Constellation Network (HGTP), that each participant in the Ecosystem must consume.

Now, the whole Exodus is allowing an upgrade in our global smart grid ushering in the adoption of IoT (the internet of things) and the interconnectivity of things of everything in smart cities instantaneously, immutably, and it allows full-proof encryption for interoperability of any and all devices, as it currently is trusted by the US Dept of Defense for all it’s data needs. $DAG itself is referring to a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), in which is basically a multi-dimensional manifestation of information, rather than a linear one dimensional structure. So, HGTP vs HTTP means that the DAG is used instead of a Text: HyperGraphTransferProtocol. This Protocol is the only interoperable option which means that it is the only true Layer Zero Protocol (L_0), allowing seamless, instantaneous, immutable and unhackable access between all software and systems:

Layer Zero Protocol (L_0)

Now when I found $DAG it checked-off all the boxes of a Sound Investment on my checklist as it will generate Above Average Returns over a long period in a compounded fashion, with a long Growth trajectory ahead of it, so it will Live through time and provide Value to society. The core team is a group of the most Quality Character and second to none when it comes to their technical and financial know-how, sticking to the Community Principles of Honesty, Accountability and Integrity. This is truly a Paradigm Shift in Finance and how things operate and interact with one another. Welcome to the Dawn of a New Age: The Hypergraph Era Has Arrived


Constellation’s HGTP ecosystem and the $DAG token economics have been inspired by and designed according to the principles of a new economic model, Generative Economics. The term coined by Marjorie Kelly and defined as:
“A living economy that is designed to generate the conditions for life to thrive, an economy with a built-in tendency to be socially fair and ecologically sustainable.”

Author: Poor Richard