Mainnet 2.0 update

“There’s a ton of conversation going on, on what’s going to happen with mainnet 2.0. There are some people conspiring, there are people speculating on what it is, and I’m here to tell you that everything is on time with mainnet 2.0. It is brilliant, I’ve seen cross chain swapping from Dag to ethereum, I’ve seen it demoed, it’s really, really brilliant. But, I just want to set expectations on what’s going to be happening come the end of September, we’re going to be doing a hypergraph hour, where we bring on Wyatt to do a developer release of mainnet 2.0.

Now, for all of you what that means is, in a developer release what we’re showcasing is the technology actually working, it is in a testnet environment, it is ready to go, but it is not ready for the entire community to adopt. Which means productization needs to occur, and during the path of productization we harden the technology, we put a layer of user experience, we put design, we truly productize it so that everybody can use it, which is a little different than a developer release.

And so, like everything we do at Constellation, especially on the hypergraph hour, we start with a developer release, we invite people into the testnet. As such, with mainnet 2.0 we’ll be inviting all those people that have acquired 250k Dag and are ready to be a node, we’re going to invite them into testnet. We’ve got a lot of campaigns going on over the course of 5-6 months, where mainnet 2.0 is a huge, huge, huge release. I mean, this is essentially a restart to this entire company. It is the technology we envisioned 4 years ago. This is not something that just, you hit a start button and it appears. This is something that has a rolling productization, there are so many features and functionalities coming out with mainnet 2.0, that each one has its own pod, its own team, that has to build out the business model around it, build out the productization.

So, what we’re going to be showcasing at the end of September is truly the developer release. You’re going to get first access to see us do cross chain swaps, we’re going to give you first hand access to building a state channel and seeing it in a live environment.

We’re also going to invite a company that’s been building their first state channel on Constellation. They’re going to come in and demonstrate building a state channel and what they’ve done to date. So, you’re going to see a real company actually come in and show what they’ve been doing for the past couple of months, in state channel development.

So, mainnet 2.0 release will start at the end of September. It will have rolling productization coming out over several months, and you’re going to see that in perpetuity. You’re going to see new ways for nodes to come online and get involved, as early as the beginning of October. So, everything is on time, it is an absolutely amazing piece of technology, that I’m proud to see our protocol team work so diligently to do. And now, inviting new product people to come in and take it to the professional level that will take on the Uniswaps, the Ethereums, the Consensus, god you name it – we’re going to do it.

So, I’m really, really excited about that. So, you can stop you’re chatter and speculating, you heard it from our mouth – you’re going to see it at the end of September with an amazing demo from Wyatt, from one of the companies building the first state channel, they’ll demo it, then we’ll be rolling out with ways for people that have acquired 250k Dag to get involved.

Ben Jorgensen Hypergraph Hour 29 Timestamped link

Author: Vegeta