Standardizing HGTP

Mathias: “So, you’ve talked a lot about the means of creating our HGTP which is the hypergraph transfer protocol, so are you looking to standardize that in order to allow heterogenous attestation validation of hybrid state channels, not only by Constellation?”

Wyatt “That should be handled within the address range, which is something we’re going to you know, I guess preconfigure ahead of time. So, yeah that’s that, and we kind of see it as there might even be a possibility of creating a standard or similar to like an isp for hosting these things. Our goal is to be more similar and try to be part of ipv6 rather than something that’s kind of isolated, like what was it called, interplanetary file system.

Yeah so, we just want to work directly with the internet and we also want to be accessible with the same infrastructure, all the data to be accessible from the same infrastructure that the internet has, cause it’s like you know, we all use it anyway. And, also because there needs to be some kind of a way of organizing this data topologically for even just retrieval purposes, so that nodes that are sensors or things performing like you know machine learning on an embedded device can get the correct data it needs through its API call graph, you know, and doing that implicitly is what being a part of ipv6 would allow us to do.”

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Author: Vegeta