Big Brains’ Lattice Exchange by LTX Duchess

Constellation Network’s Hypergraph, primarily invented by CTO and “Big Brain” Wyatt Meldman-Floch, is flying under the radar, and Lattice Exchange is a stealth bomber! Blockchain is not some great mysterious mythical technology — it has a real use case and is REAL MONEY! There have been many quotes about money; perhaps the most famous is that of James Garfield: “He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation”. Another is that of Mayer Amschel Rothschild: “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!”. I would further add “or whom they harm” to its understood meaning. Why would banks, central banks, venture capitalists, finance media, and even governments discourage the use of digital assets or decentralized money? Without going into the problems surrounding each group, let us just agree that they all have control and self-preservation in common.

If you are not familiar with blockchain, I will attempt to simplify the concept. Blockchain is a uniquely preprogrammed internet language that records transactions on a permanent immutable ledger. Active blockchain “nodes” write, validate, and record transactions as they occur. Every blockchain project has different coding and is likely attempting to solve a specific concern within a forgotten or troubled industry. Developers and corporate CEO’s have figured out that massive spending waste can be thwarted using query-able efficient blockchain code.

As well as its software language and coding, the benefits or “utility” of each project are unique. Until now, these individual projects have had no way to speak to each other, with no general agreement or “consensus” between them. You can think of these projects as rail cars or trains, with each train rolling down the tracks, speaking its own language, promoting its own service, and holding its own money. This is where Constellation Network comes in, creating a “Rosetta Stone” type base layer language known as layer zero or “L_0”. Constellation’s L_0 Hypergraph Transfer Protocol — “HGTP” — runs on DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) architecture to securely process, validate, convert and/or translate any data source! HGTP can be understood as the train depot for all Layer 1 or L_1 native blockchain projects, conveniently and efficiently integrating previously segregated projects. $DAG is the great uniter!

$DAG and its extraordinary language is not limited to blockchain projects, but can also be integrated into existing, outdated legacy systems. The “big brain” technology of Constellation’s Hypergraph presents a new way of bringing what has worked in the past and what works today forward, while necessarily dumping the outdated, overpriced, forced upon, or even fraudulent data within governments and businesses across the world, should they choose this system. It is both fortuitous and intentional that $DAG is the keystone! Through HGTP, $DAG allows for native cross-chain communication or consensus. Further, Constellation Network opens the door for global cross-chain liquidity through Lattice Exchange — a revolutionary decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. The future value of Lattice Exchange cannot be overstated, and could potentially trade all digital currencies issued by central banks across the world! We appear to be very far away from global banks’ acceptance of BTC, or digital assets as a whole. However, El Salvador is leading the way, with its congress voting to become the first country to make BTC legal tender on June 9, 2021. Global citizens are in the eye of a financial war storm — and El Salvador has picked a side.

Lattice Exchange is the stealth bomber to the entities that have previously controlled all the world’s money, wars, and people. One cannot really discuss Lattice Exchange without first skimming across $DAG and L_0 tech. Since we now understand that HGTP and L_0 comprise the universal language of blockchain, shouldn’t we also expect Constellation’s Hypergraph to have an avenue for the universal exchange of value or currency? Firstly, $DAG says, “let’s talk about it”, while secondly, $LTX says, “let’s do it!”

Finally, Lattice Exchange will exist as a “state channel” on Hypergraph. Right now, there’s no need to worry about what a state channel is, but I will offer this tiny bit of clarity: a state channel is a wholly owned, digitalized business that functions as a complex self-contained smart contract. It converges into Hypergraph and maintains consensus within a generative economy. State channels are further explained in an article by Andrew Seer entitled ‘State channels are the evolution of smart contracts”.

Lattice Exchange, and its index token $LTX, will act as HGTP’s financial interface, termed a decentralized exchange (DEX). Lattice Exchange will participate in tracking the entirety of the world’s global digital asset valuation through a structure and concept known as the “global liquidity pool”, together with Big Brain Wyatt Meldman-Floch’s high powered logarithmic algebraic formula. Timing is everything, and Lattice comes at exactly the right time. SpaceX has just launched Starlink, a low orbiting satellite internet constellation, providing satellite Internet access across the globe. Globally, people will thrive as a result of improved internet connectivity combined with access to Lattice Exchange. Lattice Exchange is a form of financial freedom…and a chains breaker!

There are many decentralized exchanges (DEX’s) already in existence. Each DEX attempts to simplify liquidity sharing across the entirety of the digital asset class. Most are secondary, layer 2 (L2) solutions suffering the same issues as their L1 base layer, albeit with improved scalability. L2 DEX concerns include extremely high network fees, limited scalability, true decentralization concerns due to fewer validators, fraud proof time period delays, and extremely complex code security with unknown resistance from attack vectors. Lattice state channel program coding will have multiple audits ensuring secure transactions and protecting liquidity on behalf of all parties. Lattice Exchange ticks all the boxes below, and I challenge any DEX expert to find a better solution. Bring it on!

· Lowest Fees of any DEX (Approx. 0.3%)

· Performs True Atomic Cross-Chain Swaps

· Launchpad Services

· Lending

· Yield Farming

· Analytics

· Best Telegram Community and Admin Support @Criptix

· Best Leadership in Crypto

What have we learned? Let’s recap!

1) Hypergraph is the keystone to financial freedom worldwide

2) Lattice Exchange is the “stealth bomber” to the global economic power structure

3) HGTP L_0 technology is the train depot for blockchain and the bones of a new generative global economy

4) Money can now be a force for good. Change is at hand in Q3 & Q4 2021!

5) Directed acyclic graph with on-chain oracles is the Rosetta Stone of blockchain

6) $DAG is inclusive to all legacy and blockchain ecosystems

7) HGTP creates a secure meeting place for token economies and agreement among any data sources

8) Current DEX solutions are ineffective and non-sustainable

9) Constellation Network and its ecosystem partners are “Big Brains”

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Lastly, if this has boggled your mind or made things more confusing, just know that help is on the way! Lattice will have an academy attached to its DEX website to ensure safe access to all its DeFi products. Do not forget to become a community member to stay apprised of developments. DeFi for the future with a first of its kind AMM based DEX that conquers interoperability for cross chain swaps! Lattice Exchange leads the way…become a Lattice legend today!

Big thanks to LTX Duchess for this article!

Author: Vegeta