Constellation Network Inc., a value play by Poor Richard

Berkshire Hathaway & $DAG, a match made in heaven…featuring Charlie Munger quotes


“I’m right, and you’re smart, and sooner or later you’ll see I’m right.” — Charlie Munger

Ben J. Jorgensen, CEO of Constellation Network, Inc. ($DAG) & Lattice Exchange ($LTX)

I will show you below, through Charlie Munger, VP of Berkshire Hathaway that $DAG is a BUY:

1. “So I don’t think bitcoin is going to end up the medium of exchange for the world. It’s too volatile to serve well as a medium of exchange. And it’s really kind of an artificial substitute for gold. And since I never buy any gold, I never buy any bitcoin.” Charlie Munger

— > here, we are talking about utility. $DAG is an index of all data throughput on the HGTP, the Constellation Network. $DAG is consumed every time there is data-throughput. HGTP is the new internet, so data will always be increasing. $DAG is a very stable asset class because there are a finite token supply. Also, every time there is a node, a data validating machine, tokens are sunk, so the supply is actually locked away. Also, the utility that $DAG provides is pegged to activity on the network, all the world’s data. I would never buy gold, BTC, ETH or anything without utility, that is just a gamble and at any point a free fall in price would be perfectly justifiable to me. As a matter of fact, $DAG is more stable than our currencies and assets today. Not only that, but the risk is less than on real estate, securities, equities and commodities, and the rewards are substantially more lucrative and plentiful. Monetised data is an asset class that will create trillionaires. Now, it’s similar to owning the pipes of the machine that the data flows through, and you’re the collector of rent or the toll, when you hold $DAG, as $DAG is consumed. Also, $DAG is a currency to be traded held because it will store the value and always appreciate. But, if anyone understood the value of what $DAG is, they would not sell, ever. They would Hold On For Dear Life (HODL).

2. “Stock-picking is like gambling: those who win well, seldom bet, but when they do, they bet heavily. I won’t bet $100 against house odds between now and the grave.” Charlie Munger

— > investing in today’s crypto currency market is similar to investing in the casino, as people are buying coins that have no utility. What this means is that there are over 10,000 cryptocurrencies to choose from, that give no real value to humanity in any way, or have any real application, except about 80 coins. Of these 80 coins, there are different areas that they focus and attempt to provide a service through a token economy. But, not all projects will have the same runways. With $DAG, there is utility and a sound core team that is a technology company ushering in the new internet of things (IoT) through a token based economy and ecosystem. Here, this project has the longest runway as we are talking about tokenized data. All the world’s data. US Department of Defense is using Constellation Network for their data needs and so are many enterprises, over 70 of them ready to have a state channel on the Hypergraph, meaning that they will consume and sink $DAG tokens every time anything happens. So, betting on $DAG or buying $DAG is actually betting on the house because every enterprise in a smart city will be on the Hypergraph. Look at the partnerships already, it is indispensable and a vital player in our future and today.

3. “To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.” Charlie Munger

— > $DAG, because of the utility and value provided, will be mass-adopted and it is already happening. The Hypergraph Era Has Begun!

The big money is not in the buying and selling, but in the waiting.

Acquire worldly wisdom. If it brings you temporary unpopularity with your peer group then to hell with them.

Great investing requires a lot of delayed gratification


Constellation’s HGTP ecosystem and the $DAG token economics have been inspired by and designed according to the principles of a new economic model, Generative Economics. The term coined by Marjorie Kelly and defined as:
“A living economy that is designed to generate the conditions for life to thrive, an economy with a built-in tendency to be socially fair and ecologically sustainable.”

Author: Poor Richard